How to become a Bongacams model

Bongacams, formerly known as Runetki, is one of the world’s most popular cam site. Successful models here earn more than $5,000 per month – quite impressive, huh? The popularity has been proved by our special research the results of which are presented in the “Top 5 webcams websites” article. We highly recommend you to read it as well as to watch the video interview at the end with a cam girls sharing their experience. Now let us move on to registering on Bongacams. The first part of the guide contains information how to become a model and how to start working, while the second part is an instruction for viewers.

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How to become a webcam model

1. Registration website

Unlike other similar services, Bongacams has developed its own website called Bongamodels, where you can get the necessary information about signup as a cam model: find the answers to the common questions, read the terms and conditions, create an account, and, eventually, get started. The first thing you need to do is to follow the link below.

Go to Bongamodels

2. Creating an account

If you need to switch to any particular language, find and click the flag icon in the upper right of the page. Once you’ve done that, select “Model registration” in the top menu.

How to become a Bongacams model

The next thing you need to do is to fill in the boxes in the pop-up window. Let’s go through those in more detail.

  • Registration for – here you can choose from 3 options depending on the way you plan to work, meaning how many people are going to be on camera. Choose “individual model” and your sex if you’re planning to work by yourself, or you might prefer “pair/groups” if there is going to be someone else. In the latter case, you should also indicate the number of participants and their sex. The last option is “studio”, the one that fits you if you want to open your own agency and hire employees.
  • Choose Your Username – a nickname to be displayed in your profile and by which you can be sought on the website. It will also appear on the home page and the sections of the user panel. For better understanding, go to the homepage and check out how it looks like for other users. The username should only contain English letters, numbers, and symbols. As for the name, try to choose an interesting, pretty, and memorable one. Remember that it plays a major role in successful promotion and income growth.
  • Your email Address – use a secure Email service, because once it’s lost or hacked, you risk losing all your earnings and popularity gained.
  • Pick a password – try to use a strong password to keep your account from being hacked.
  • I’m over 18 years old – put a checkbox here.
  • How did you find BongaModels? – Please note that this one doesn’t necessarily need to be specified.

Once you’ve filled in all the boxes, click the button “Create account”.

How to become a Bongacams model

3. Contact information

You will be forwarded to a page to fill in your contact details. You will also receive an email for your account confirmation.

How to become a Bongacams model

This step is usually a challenge for newcomers, that is why we will cover it in more detail. On the page, you need to specify your contact information and upload some documents, which often raises concerns about anonymity and confidentiality.

How safe is it and what will your data be used for? Any large-scale webcam project like Bongacams only works legally and must comply with the laws of the country the company was registered in (usually the USA or European country). There are strict rules regarding adult content with minors in these countries. Therefore, the service managers have to make sure that you are over 18. If you’re not, they may face severe fines and even shutdown. Similar to the privacy of your data, the law does not allow it to be disclosed or shared with third parties. Your private information is to be protected and not given to anybody else. The good news is, there have been no such precedents in the years of legal video chats’ operation. If you still have doubts, you can always talk to the girls or boys and see that there is nothing you should be afraid of.

Please don’t create an account if you are under the age of 18 or if you have any problems with your passport. Otherwise, you will be permanently banned with no further opportunity to work in the webcam industry.

Now let’s move on to filling out the boxes. In the left column, you need to specify your full name and address. Make sure you provide the actual information in Russian. In the right column, please upload up-to-date photographs of your face and documents. The pictures should be bright and clear. It’s better to make them at a bright light, next to a window in the daytime or with proper artificial lighting on. There are 3 images to be uploaded, so let’s dwell on each one in more detail.

  • ID front page – normally it is your passport. Put it on a lighted desk and make a shot of the spread with the photo and the name so that the whole text is clear, not blurred, and readable.
  • Face photo – take a photo of your face, in front of a window or at a bright light so that you can be clearly seen. Make sure there’s no blur, overexposition, or lack of light. The managers should be able to compare the image with the one in your passport.
  • Face and ID photo – it is necessary to confirm that you really exist and this is your passport. Hold it in your hand and place it next to your head. Make a selfie so that your face and the text are fully visible. It’s best to take more than one shot and choose the clearest one.

Remember that if any of the pictures you’ve provided is not of sufficient quality, the managers may not approve the creation of your account and you’ll have to repeat the procedure all over again.

How to become a Bongacams model

4. Profile and payment methods

Now that the most difficult stage has been passed, the only thing left is to fill in your personal details and payment data. We suggest that you specify all the information in the form in as much detail as possible. Don’t forget that it affects the efficiency of your account’s promotion. For reference, please visit Bongacams and check out some other users’ profiles. From that, you can learn the most crucial nuances.

Let’s move on to specifying the payment methods. Here you have several options available:

  • Paxum or ePayService – international payment services; you can request to issue a plastic card to withdraw money in cash and make payments in shops.
  • WebMoney – an e-wallet system with online shopping and bank transfers. The withdrawal commission fee is 3%.
  • Cryptocurrency – probably the most anonymous method; the funds received can be withdrawn via exchangers to any electronic wallet or directly to your credit card.

Once all the boxes are filled in, your final step is to confirm the agreement with Bongacams.

5. Getting started

Now it’s time to wait for the managers to review the application form and activate your account. After that, you can start working. Meanwhile, we recommend that you read the answers to popular questions at

How to become a Bongacams model

If there is anything left unclear, you can contact our support service and get free advice. For that, please click the “Support Service” button at the bottom left of the page.

How to register as a viewer

For viewers, the registration process is a little easier. First, go to the Bongacams homepage and click the “Free registration” button in the upper right. You can switch to your language by clicking the flag icon.

Go to Bongacams How to become a Bongacams model

A pop-up window will open, where you should type in your username (in English) and your password. Don’t forget to check the “I’m 18 years old” box. Once that’s done, click the “Sign up” button.

How to become a Bongacams model

As you can see, email is not required to create a viewer account. You can still get access to broadcasts and chats, but by specifying it you will receive 10 tokens for free.

How to become a Bongacams model

Feel free to fill in the rest of the personal information boxes at your own discretion. You can buy tokens using your credit card, electronic money, or cryptocurrency.

We hope you find this article helpful and wish all of you to earn a high income and have a nice time on Bongacams!

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